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What is Web Application Project Guidance Package using Sub-Projects?

Over on the Web Development Tools Team blog, there is a three part discussion on how to setup Web Application Projects to be sub projects to one large site.
After the Web Client Software Factory Workshop, a request to use this type of setup became a new requirement. After a bit of development work and testing, we now have a replacement for the Web Application Project Guidance Package that uses this concept.

Note: The Web Client Software Factory - June 2007 release and newer releases already include support for Web Application Projects in the Web Client Development guidance package.

Installation Instructions

To use the new Guidance Package, which can be used side-by-side with the Released version, do the following:
  1. Make sure you have VS2005 SP1 installed.
  2. Make sure you have both GAX and GAT February 2007 CTP
  3. Ensure you have the source code for the Released WCSF on your computer. To install it, run the WebClientFactorySourceInstall.msi (from the Start menu or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Web Client Factory\Source Code). You need to install at least the Guidance Package Source Code. This will place a copy of the source code, by default, in "~\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\WCSF Source".
  4. Find the GP folder under the location you have installed the WCSF source code.
  5. Unzip WebClientFactoryWAPSupport (with subprojects).zip to the GP folder. Unzipping should create a WebClientFactoryWAPSupport folder.
  6. Open up the solution file (WebClientFactory Guidance Package.sln) in the WebClientFactoryWAPSupport folder.
  7. Do a Build -> Rebuild All (if it fails to compile, you probably did not unzip it to the GP folder)
  8. Register the newly built WAP enabled Guidance Package.
  9. Open a new instance of VS and have fun.

Here is the WebClientFactoryWAPSupport.ZIP file.

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