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Issue: Sub-WAP projects ignore the main site's Master Page in the designer

If you create a Web Client Application using the Web Application Project (WAP) template, and add business modules as "sub-WAP" projects, the Visual Studio will present two errors in the Error List:
  • File '~/Shared/Default.master' was not found.
  • Could not find 'DefaultContent' in the current master page or pages.
When you compile and run the web application, everything behaves as expected. However, in the sub-WAP projects, the Visual Studio designer for the web pages does not use the Master Page for page formatting, styles, etc.

There are two options:
  • Ignore the problem as it effects only the display of the pages in the designer.
  • Add a copy of the main web site's Master Page to a folder called Shared in each sub-WAP module. This does introduce the overhead of keeping the Master Page files in sync.
    • If you do not want each Module to have it's own copy of the Master Page after deployment, make sure you do not deploy the extra copies of the Master Page.
    • If you want each sub-WAP module to have it's own look and feel, this can be used to have a Master Page per module.

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