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Model-View-Presenter Guidance Bundle

Traditional ASP.NET Web applications contain a large amount of user interface (UI) logic within the pages themselves. This makes that logic hard or impossible to unit test; frequently, it leaves the UI in a brittle state, where changes to the UI often break the logic. The Model-View-Presenter (M-V-P) pattern provides a way for developers to separate out the UI logic into a form where it is easier to test. Additionally, the separation makes the UI-centric business logic less prone to break as changes are made to the UI.
In the implementation of Model-View-Presenter pattern, there are several different approaches including Passive View and Supervising Controller. There are also other patterns of UI design such as Model-View-Controller. Model-View-Controller and Model-View-Presenter have similar goals, although there are differences in how they achieve those goals.
The purpose of this bundle is to provide guidance for the Model-View-Presenter pattern and how to implement it.

What Is a Bundle?

A bundle is a small package of guidance that is focused around one technical concept. The primary purpose of a bundle is to allow users to quickly, conveniently, and easily learn and evaluate a concept. 
Although a bundle can contain any type of guidance, a bundle typically includes the following elements:
  • Source code. This includes QuickStarts or reference implementations and related artifacts.
  • Binaries. These include application block binaries that are required by the QuickStarts.
  • Written documentation. This includes the bundle description and How-to topics.

What Is in This Bundle?

The Model-View-Presenter Guidance Bundle contains the following elements:

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