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Application Blocks

The Web Client Software Factory includes source code for the following application blocks:
The Composite Web Application Block uses ObjectBuilder to create objects and perform dependency injection, and the guidance package generates code that uses ObjectBuilder. (The software factory does not include the source code for ObjectBuilder, but does include documentation to help you understand the design and how to use it in your applications.)

The guidance package generates code that uses the Enterprise Library application blocks. The software factory includes the Enterprise Library assemblies. To download the source code and documentation, see Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0.

Figure below illustrates the application blocks in a software factory solution deployed to a Web server.


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zeroone Feb 2, 2007 at 2:49 PM 
Why Composite Web Application Block and Page Flow Application Block are included with source code in the WCSF instead of assembilies only? Is there cases that the developer need to modify or insert their custom code in the project?