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Add Master Page (with presenter) Recipe

The guidance package includes the recipe named Add Master Page (with presenter). After you register (or install) the guidance package, the recipe is available on the Solution Explorer shortcut menu that appears when you right-click a folder in a Web site or the Web site root node. Figure 1 illustrates the recipe menu.
Figure 1
The Add Master Page (with presenter) recipe menu.

When you run the recipe, the recipe framework displays a wizard that you can use to customize the generated code. Figure 2 illustrates the wizard.
Figure 2
The Add Master Page (with presenter) recipe wizard.

Implementation Details

You can find the recipe definition split across the files CreateWebClientFactoryMasterView.xml and CreateWebClientFactoryViewCommon.xml (these files are located in subfolders under the Recipes folder of the WebClientFactoryPackage project).
The CreateWebClientFactoryViewCommon.xml file is shared by the Add Page (with presenter) recipe, the Add Master Page (with presenter) recipe, and the Add User Control (with presenter) recipe. All three recipes have a similar implementation. For more implementation details, see the section “Implementation Details” in Add Page (with presenter) recipe.

Add Master Page (with presenter) Next Steps


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