WCSF menu item not available in solution

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Jul 29, 2009 at 5:54 AM


I have created a Web Application with WCSF , all goes well , but when i copy the solution to another system or download it from Source control ( SVN ) am not getting the option to create a business module . It would be helpfull if some dev can reply back by providing a solution. 




Jul 30, 2009 at 3:45 PM

Hi Ratheesh, 

The issue your describe might be related to one of the following things: 

  1. Make sure the WCSF is correctly installed and works fine in the destination system. (for example you should be able to create new WCSF solutions from scratch)
  2. Enable the Guidance Package as detailed in Preparing Visual Studio for Automated Guidance. (This settings are stored in the <solutionName>.gpState file so you might want to check-in it).


There are some discussion that deal with similar problems and might be helpful in your scenario:

  1. Error adding a new business module VB to a web site wap application 
  2. Create another website inside same wcsf solution   


If neither of these resolve the problem, please provide us more information to reproduce the error:

  1. Are both systems running same versions of Visual Studio, WCSF, OS, etc?
  2. Are other recipes available?
  3. Any other consideration you believe relevant.

Hope it helps!

Matias Bonaventura