WCSF with single AppDomain and multiple WAP solutions

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Apr 28, 2009 at 11:11 AM

New to all this WCSF so apologies for my lack of understanding here. 

Our main WAP uses WCSF with no issues.  We now have the requirement to add a new Business Component which will reside in it's own solution and will contain an MVP WAP amongst other layers.  This WAP will be a sub-project of the main solution (via a virtual directory in IIS) to enable us to navigate between the apps and to share session, etc.

I am not sure how WCSF operates under this particular scenario.  When the main application navigates to the new BC application, we can share session so that's all good.  However, how do we reference back to modules built in the original application (or can we)?  When the new BC application starts, we get an exception that the Shell component has already been run so we have renamed that to "<new BC App name>Shell".  This leads on to more issues where the ScriptModule & WebClientAuthorizationModule have already been loaded so we removed them from the new BC application web.config.  When our "<new BC App name>Shell" module initialiser finally runs, there are no services that were built in the originating web app available to us...

I'm looking for some pointers/advice, etc as the further we go, the more hacking we are doing and I feel we do not understand how WCSF is operating between these application.


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