WCSF Solutions, SourceSafe source control and Guidance Packages

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Jul 25, 2008 at 9:04 PM

My understanding is that folder structure is important for the Guidance packages to work.

Creating a WCSF solution follows this folder structure (both virtual Solution Folders inside VS2005 solution explorer and on the local file system):


Assuming this is a larger project, the solution will most likely contain other folders. Example:

(virtual Solution Folders)                            (file system structure)
MyExternalProject                                    Projects\CommonProjects\MyCustomCollectionClass\
MyBusinessLogic                                      Projects\MySolution\MyBusinessLogic\
MyWebClient                                           Projects\MySolution\MyWebClient\
    Libraby                                                      ...\Libraby
    Modules                                                    ...\Modules
    Websites                                                   ...\Websites
        DevelopmentWebsite                             ...\DevelopmentWebsite

The .SLN file is contained in Projects\MySolution\

Creating these structures and adding the solution to SourceSafe works and WCSF guidance on this original solution works as well.

When the solution is created on another developer's machine from SourceSafe, all folder structures are created correctly except the DevelopmentWebsite folder which is always created in the same folder that holds the .SLN file. While the project still builds after some massaging, this is obviously problematic. I've tried all kings of combinations of where the solution files is, and what file system folders / solution folders / SourceSafe projects, but the result is either worst or similar to the above.

Thanks to everybody that may help