Question About TransferTemplateDataSource

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Sep 28, 2006 at 7:56 PM

first of all let me say the projet seam very interesting and i'm looking foward to see it evolve.

Here is my question :).

I'm failling to see the usefulness of the TransferTemplateDataSource object. It seam to me that its only a proxy between the ObjectDataSource and the SelectTransferTemplatesViewPresenter(wich is call when an event is raise in the ISelectTransferTemplatesView). In fact the only things the TransferTemplateDataSource realy have an utility for is to keep the values between post back.

If i'm correct why haven't you created a delegates for the ObjectDataSource events in the Page class SelectTransferTemplates and just raise the ISelectTransferTemplatesView events from there and keep the values in another ways instead of having an heavy layer that only redirect events most of the time.

In short the TransferTemplateDataSource: Update, Insert, Delete events don't seam to have any utility to me