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WCSF Install Fails on Win2003 x64


There are two issues with install of WCSF on x64.
This is on our Dev Integration environment and we would be needing this to debug integration issues with our project.
  1. Dependency Check Fails as it is looking for registry entries that are in a different place.
    We looked at the following the following Blog Article :
    This did not solve the issue - still digging into all teh registry entries needed to get the dependency check corrected.
  2. Fails to register template on VS 05.
    This is a critical error that stops the install all the way in the end.
    The template is WebUI.vstemplate (screenshot attached). I tried to correct the template based on the following blog :
    I was not able to put it back in the cab so it can run with a corrected MSI (MSI Install is looking for a file that is in the cab but may bein the wrong path?)
    Any help is appreciated..
    thanks in advance,
    ps: this may be one of those issues where the product team can fix it in 2 mins and put another cab - It would take me two weeks to get to the bottom of this issue.

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