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Web Client Software Factory vNext

  • Roadmap for WCSF
    • WCSF Version: Future Version
    • Description: Blaine Wastell, p&p Program Manager, explains the roadmap for the next version of the WCSF.
  • Composite Web Client Automation
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: The Composite Web Client Library provides functionality for developing a composite web application. Applications using the library have specific requirements including inherting from a custom Web Application, custom configuration settings, standardized solution structure, services for authenticaiton, authorization and navigation, implementation of specific patterns, as well as constructs such as modules and views.
  • Composite Web Client Library
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: The Composite Web Application Library helps architects and developers create composite web applications..
  • Validation Guidance Bundle
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: This bundle is for Developers and Architects who are interested in improving the UI Responsiveness of validation in their Line-Of-Business ASP.NET Web applications..
  • Contextual Autocomplete Bundle
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: The Contextual AutoComplete Extender in this bundle allows the browser to pass additional values extracted from other controls on the page to allow contextual filtering.
  • Developing a ASP .NET Control with client capabilities
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: How to create a control that takes advance of the ASP .NET Ajax Extensions. This post is based on the RealTimeSearchMonitor control located inside the Search Bundle of the Web Software Factory.
  • Search Bundle
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: This bundle includes guidance on Implementing the Live Search pattern using ASP.NET AJAX, Displaying progress indicator for long running queries, Implement Submission Throttling pattern using ASP.NET AJAX, etc.
  • Validation Guidance Bundle Tutorial - Web Client Software Factory
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: The Validation Guidance Bundle from the Web Client Software Factory project offers a richer user experience using the Validation Application Block. It still performs a partial page postback, however, which get me wondering if this is the best the Microsoft patterns & practices team can do.
  • Module View Presenter (MVP) Bundle
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: The Model-View-Presenter (MVP) pattern provides a way for developers to separate out the UI logic into a form where it is easier to test. Additionally, the separation makes the UI-centric business logic less prone to break as changes are made to the UI.
  • Autocomplete bundle
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: Question about the difference between the WCSF ContextSensitiveAutoCompleteExtender and the AjaxControlToolkit AutoComplete extender.
  • MVP Bundle Screencast
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: This MVP Bundle Screencast discusses the guidance bundle in-depth by discussing the pros and cons of both MVP quickstart examples.
  • Modularity Bundle
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: Modularity is the separation of an application in independent and collaborative modules. You use modules to encapsulate a set of concerns of your application and independently develop and deploy them to your applications. These modules are developed and maintained by multiple teams.
  • WCSF Validation Tweaks
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: A post about how to reduce the number of postbacks that occur when using the ServerSideValidationExtender included as part of the Validation Bundle.
  • Screencast - WCSF AJAX DynamicData ASP.NET MVC Framework
    • WCSF Version: 2.0
    • Description: This screencast is a quick overview of David Hayden's presentation on the Web Client Software Factory AJAX Guidance Bundles and Composite Web Application Block and their use in ASP.NET Dynamic Data Websites and the ASP.NET MVC Framework.

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