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  • How-To: Registering services through configuration in WCSF
    • ‌‌WCSF Version: 1.0
    • ‌‌Description: How to register global services through the Web.Config file. By registering the services through configuration there is no need to rebuild any module when you want to switch the concrete implementation of a service.
  • How to: Register services declaratively using a custom [Service attribute|]
    • ‌‌WCSF Version: 1.0
    • ‌‌Description: How to extend the factory by replacing a core service in the CWAB (the ModuleLoaderService). The new service will allow you to register services declaratorily using a custom [Service] attribute.
  • Services LifeCycle
    • WCSF Version: All
    • Description: Question about the life cycle of the services.
  • Config Based INavigationService
    • WCSF Version: All
    • Description: Discussion about how to replace the CookiePageFlowCorrelationTokenProvider for a custom one.
  • IRolesCatalog & Services
    • WCSF Version: All
    • Description: Question about how to work with IRoleCatalog and other services.

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