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The ContextSensitiveAutoCompleteExtender is a control that extends an existing ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit extender. This control provides (directly or by extending the ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit) an implementation of the following patterns:
  • Display Morphing. The extender manipulates the browser Document Object Model (DOM) to display the list of suggested values.
  • XMLHTTPRequest Call. The extender uses an XMLHTTPRequest object to communicate with the server to retrieve a list of suggestions.
  • Web Service. The extender submits requests to a Web service exposed as a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) endpoint (in the QuickStart, this is the PostalAutocompleteWebService endpoint).
  • JSON Message. The extender and the server endpoint exchange messages formatted as JSON.
  • User Action. As the user types characters into a text box, the extender responds to JavaScript events raised by the text box.
  • Suggestion. The extender provides a list of suggested input values to the user.
  • Submission Throttling. The extender retains a buffer of characters entered by the user, and then it sends the characters in the buffer to the endpoint based on either the number of characters the user has entered or on a time interval.
AutoComplete Behavior | ContextSensitiveAutoCompleteExtender | AutoComplete QuickStart

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