Data Layer Architecture

Topics: Web Client Software Factory
Apr 9, 2007 at 6:45 PM
What is the suggested way of implementing a Data Access Layer in the WCSF? I'm tasked with creating a common architecture to be used on a wide variety of projects in our company. What would be the most reusable way of creating a DAL for WCSF? Should I use the Web Services Software Factory to create it? If so what is the recommended way of using that inside of the WCSF? Just looking for a little best practices guidance.
Apr 10, 2007 at 7:55 PM
We have had some success following this path; we simply used a static class for the business logic layer rather than web services; we are also investigating using a ServiceDependency to help with modularization. With the ObjectContainerDataSource, this is very easy to accomplish, although I might point out that we had to make a couple of modifications to the ObjectContainerDataSource to handle sorting nullable types, hierarchical relationships, and converting empty strings to null.

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