Configuring Multiple Modules In a VDir

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Mar 20, 2007 at 12:45 AM

I have some legacy assemblies I would like to group together with a CWAB module. Say, for example, I have EFT.Legacy that is going to be used by my new EFT module. To make things easy, I added a ModuleInitializer class to my legacy module, so I could get it configured.

I would like to put all the configuration for these two modules in web.config in the EFT VDir. If I say they both have that VDir I get "Modules with duplicated 'VirtualPath' or 'AssemblyName' were found" (so they can't share a vdir?) If I don't specify a VDir for a module, it never gets initialized.

How should I do this? Do I need to make a custom IModuleConfigurationLocatorService? Thanks in advance for any info.