Database Encapsulation Guidence

Topics: Web Client Software Factory
Mar 14, 2007 at 7:29 AM
Business problem: You have millions of records, and need to allow free-text search and sort. This is pretty easy with straigh, using custom paging (SQL 2005 with Row Version for intelligent paging) you can encapsulate much of the work in the database layer, To hook this data set or data table to a grid, what is the recommended way with modules, I understand you would have a Business Module for the page that displays the grid, however the databinding, and update/insert/delete code should probably be extracted in a DAL layer, but how would this best be implemented with WCSF? If I was to add SQL Cache dependencies for other fields (search options as an example) and ajax callbacks for the grid refesh and update? I can do this pretty straight forward with normal aspx, however i want to implement it correctly in respect to the WCSF, and I don't see any real guidence on database excapsulation (other than web service facades or auto-sql features like profiles, membership, etc.. implemented through config. Would DAAB be a good choice?