Web Client Factory Menu missing in Visual Studio

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Nov 18, 2009 at 3:49 AM

I created a project using WCSF and everything was working fine. While working on this project accidently the system crashed. Using the option provided by Visual Studio 2008 I recovered the project. But now the issue is when I right click on the web site to add a new View I am not able to get the Web Client Factory menu option. I checked on other project I previously created with WCSF and I am getting the menu option. It is only this recovered project that is having this issue.

Seems somehow the project relation to WCSF is lost and VS was not able to recover the same. Is there any way I can fix this issue else I will have to create a fresh project using WCSF and move all this work into it.


Please Help!!!!

Nov 18, 2009 at 2:12 PM


The issue you described might be because you are missing the file with extension .gpState, which stores the Guidance Package settings for your solution (it should be in the same directory).

So, in order to solve this issue, you have to enable the Guidance Package as it is described in Preparing Visual Studio for Automated Guidance.

If you still having the issue, please visit the following threads forum, where this issue also was treated:

I hope you can find this answer helpful.

Fernando Antivero