navigation between module and shell with out using pageflow

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Feb 20, 2007 at 4:14 PM
I really like the client factory as it gives a possiblity of creating modular application. I have few doubts which I would like to clarify. Below is the
architecture of my application -

- Module1 (it is a business module)
- Module2 (it is a business module)
- Shell

These modules exposes certain endpoints(pages not services) which other web application can redirect user to

The flow is something like this -

1- User visits Some web site/application, we call it OtherGuyWebApp
2- OtherGuyWebApp knows the endpoint for Module1 so it put some query string in the endpoint url and redirects user to MyApplication.
3- MyApplication requires you to authenticate user so another redirection occurs to a login page in Shell module
4- User enters his credentials in login view, which are validated. login view has a reference to login presenter which has reference to ShellController.
5- ShellController after getting credential from login presenter verifies them and navigate the user to another page in Shell module. Call it Page2OfShellModule.
6- User interacts with Page2OfShellModule which sends information to Page2Presenter which sends information to ShellController.

Now ShellController is suppose to transfer the control to Controller/Page of Module1 so it could give response back to OtherGuyWebApp

How would one do that ?
Do I need to keep track of where I am coming from ?
If I use Session state then Controllers should rely on Session states to perform navigation ?. Is it okay ?
I would like Shell module to not know anything about the Module1 and Moudle2.

I am assuming PageFlow Application Block should be able to take care of this. I have a very short deadline and since I am new to windows workflow I would like to have a
solution more in terms of NavigationService as shown in Module QuickStart.

I would really appreciate if some pattern guru could guide me how to accomplish the scenario in the best possible way using client factory (with out pageflow for the moment)

Regards & thanks
Feb 21, 2007 at 3:37 PM

reading this through I assume you are not using standard Forms Authentication? I would suggest this is your best bet, as the ASP.NET infrastructure would handle it all for you. All you need to do is create a login page, and perhaps create a custom authentication Provider (as I'm guessing you're not using the standard SQL database structure)