Subweb Application with Forms Authentication

Topics: Web Client Software Factory
Dec 6, 2008 at 9:24 AM

I'm having trouble configuring a subweb application.

More important, I'm having trouble having my subweb protected with forms authentication while leaving my root web application unprotected and open to the public.

When i follow advice about forms authentication in subwebs i get tangled up in web.config files in child webs and the location configuration element. all of these seems only to produce http and IIS errors.

However, I'm guessing my problems are somewhere in those configuration issues.

I'd like to end up with a public facing web application with a login control in the upper right of each public page: typical extranet arrangement.

When the user follows the login link, they are directed into the protected subweb to a standard forms auth Login page.

As long as they log in and do not log out, they can browse the subweb.

If they log out, they are redirected out of the subweb to the root web.

Here's a tricky one: if they login to the subweb and then browse back to the root web, they should remain logged in and be able to browse back to the subweb without a new login.

I guess another option might be to have a single root web application with two subwebs, one protected and one unprotected.