Can PageFlow handle complex scenarios?

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Sep 5, 2008 at 5:32 AM
Edited Sep 5, 2008 at 8:01 PM

I've been trying to go over multiple samples published for PageFlow and I still haven't found if the PageFlow can handle complex scenarios/workflows like:
Scenario I: Activities that do not require user interaction. Let's say I want to create a workflow which has the activities A, B, C and D (for simplicity it can be seen as a sequential workflow: A->B->C->D). The activities A, B and D are Interaction activity meaning that they have a coresponding asp.x page where user interaction is required. The activity C however does not require user input and therefore does not have an aspx. page mapped to it (this activity can be used to let's say call an API to an external system/application).
    1. Does PageFlow support this scenario when from the activity B the user presses next ( AspNetUserInput.GoForward is invoked) and the workflow takes control and returns the corresponding aspx page for the activity D (after the C activity is processed) ?
    2. What if activity B needs user input based on some preconditions. If the preconditions are not met then the .aspx page is not returned by the workflow runtime - instead it completes the processing of the activity and goes to the next one. In our case the activity C does not have any .aspx associted with it and therefore only the .aspx pages related to activity D should be displayed to the user. Is PageFlow suitable for this type of scenarios ?
Scenario II: Can the workflow be defined in the same manner as the sequential workflow (with IfElse conditions) and not as the StateMachine workflow?

Thank you very much for any insights on how PageFlow and WCSF can handle these type of scenarios (if there are any samples available that would be great).