Using WF States and Pageflow States

Mar 7, 2008 at 12:56 PM
Now one of the problem is I cant use both pagestate and stateactivity in the same WF.
If we have to use a pageflow’s.. then all the states in a statemachine have to be PageStates (no more StateActivities). Each pagestate is bound with a URL property which cannot be null..and when flow is transitioned into that state..navigation is triggered and page is redirected into that new state’s url.
Now in my situation, because of so many ifelse nested conditions, I thought it will be best to put each condition in a separate state but i don’t want to trigger any page in that state..its only for decision making. So obvious choice is a StateActivity(pure WF. Not wcsf. No url property).
So Ideally from a PageState, I should be able to transition to StateActivity, make a decision, then trigger another PageState based on decision from StateActivity.. This is where it fails..i cant transition back and forth from PageState and StateActivity. Which I think is crticial for a complex pageflows. Lately I am wondering if its possible to write a custom pagestate activity which doesn’t trigger a page and make it work along with stateactivity. but I am very skeptical at this point if it will work.