Compilation and Deployment of Pre-Compiled Separate Sub-Web Application Projects

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Jul 1, 2010 at 3:27 PM
We have multiple team development where each team is responsible for the development of a separate Sub-Web application project. Our solution is designed around the CWAB infrastructure where we have a Root Web application project that provides basic services and shared controls, master pages etc. to the Sub-Web apps. Each team has a separate solution that contains the Root Web app and ther respective Team Sub-Web app. For example; Team "A" has a solution that contains the Root Web app and their sub-web application along with any other projects necessary to support their Sub-Web. Team "B" has a similar solution which conatins the Root Web app as well and their sub-web app etc. Each Team develops separatly and neither team's solution contains the other team's sub-project or supporting projects. Is it possible to build, precompile and deploy each solution separately or do they all need to be brought together as one solution prior to the compilation process? I believe it is possible but my hope is that someone else has already been down this road and can provide a roadmap to nirvana. Please help?
Jul 17, 2010 at 5:18 AM


I do know your exact scenario, but this seems that could be managed since WCSF provides guidance to create Composite Applications. This helps on decoupling an application during development and on integrating it (its modules) within a Web server environment to create the app. That said, I would recommend you to focus on the following topics as they might help to achieve this scenario:

A module represents a set of related concerns. It can include entities such as Web pages, business logic, page flows, and pieces of the Web infrastructure, such as the ability to log events or authenticate users. Each module is functionally complete and can communicate with other modules to create a complete application.

… It allows different teams to independently develop each of the individual business logic and infrastructure components.

The only thing that it is not supported and it is by design is “multiple web projects” in the same WCSF solution, but it seems that the community found a workaround for this. You can see more details in this forum thread.

Please let me know if this helps.

Fernando Antivero