Localization of TreeView bug/quirk

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Sep 10, 2007 at 2:11 AM

Following threads, blogs and articles, I finally have a localized WebSF project. Woohoo.

There's one bug/quirk that puzzled me for a while. The NavigationTreeView found on the Master Page doesn't "change" culture, it simply keeps the data of the "first" given culture.

The only solution I found was to disable the treeview's viewstate. Is this expected behavior?

The BreadCrumb has ViewState enabled and changes culture on the fly. The only difference between the BreadCrumb and the TreeView is that the TreeView has a SiteMapDataSource between the control and the Provider.

I would guess that the "Change Culture" event doesn't buble up to the Treeview for a reason or another.

I'm running WebSF June 2007 (if it matters).

The project is really simple: It's the output of a freshly created WebSF project (no modules yet).