Difference between Navigate and Next in Pageflow

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Aug 27, 2007 at 3:55 PM

I was trying to use Next method to transition to next page which was throwing an exception saying State not available but same the code if i give the transition name it worked.

Please let me know when to use Next and Navigate . A good example will help.

Thanks for the help.
Aug 27, 2007 at 6:52 PM

The Navigate method takes a transition name as its parameter. This parameter is not the name of the target page; the parameter is the name of a transition.

public void CheckoutOrder()

When you want to perform the default transition, you can call the Next method of the page flow instance to perform the default transition (you use the DefaultTransition property of a PageState activity to define the default transition).


For more information, please, read the following topic in WCSF documentation:
  • Transitioning Between Pages (Inspecting the Software Factory Assets -> Application Blocks -> Page Flow Application Block -> Development Activities - > Transitioning Between Pages)

Hope it helps!

Sebastian Iacomuzzi
Aug 28, 2007 at 3:45 AM
Be sure to have the default transition set :)
Aug 28, 2007 at 5:51 PM


How i need to specify the default transition ? any example please.