Microsoft Workflow Designer error

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Jul 12, 2007 at 3:14 AM
Hi, guys,

In new created PageFlowProject I encounted following error when I tried to drag drop a PageState Activity to empty PageFlow definition design view

*Designer failed to deserialized the data during drag drop.
Reason: A reference to the component 'Microsoft.Practices.PageFlow.WorkflowFoundation' already exists in the project.*

I can open the PageFlow definitions and add PageStateActivity in WCSF QuickStart projects. So this problem only happens for the new created PageFlowProject.

I am using WCSF June 2007, VS Studio 2005 on Windows XP SP2.

Yesterday I installed VS Studio 9 "Orcas" beta1. I am not sure if the problem has something related with "Orcas" installation. ( I didn't run the WCSF until today).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
Jul 16, 2007 at 1:44 PM
Hi, please try removing the reference Microsoft.Practices.PageFlow.WorkflowFoundation of your PageFlow project and try again to drag drop a PageState activity.

Other possibility is that the assembly you added in the toolbox differs from the one the solution is using. Try to remove the activities from the toolbox and add it again selecting the signed assembly included with WCSF.

Let me know if this helps,

Ezequiel Jadib