How to transfer a customer parameter to page flow

Jun 14, 2007 at 9:30 AM
I Now use the pageflow application block to create a solution , it is so cool .
But I encounter a problem , take the Page Flow With Shopping Cart Quickstart for example , in this project , to get the current instance Id is using the cookie,
And the parameter is using the user name in the CookiePageFlowCorrelationTokenProvider, but i do not think it is suitable , if the user have two same process to do , the current design can not be supported , am i right ?

So want to change the parameter to the FormID , but this need t o change the IPageFlowProvider,WorkflowFoundationPageFlowProvider,PageFlowInstanceCorrelationSqlProvider and etc ....
it is a hard work ? So who can tell me if there is a quick method ?